Customized Staffing Solutions for Data-Driven Businesses


Our staffing services offer tailored solutions for businesses in the data analytics, AI, and data science fields, helping to build a strong workforce that can drive growth and success. To identify the best candidates for each position, our recruiters and staffing specialists use a comprehensive approach, carefully screening and vetting each applicant to ensure they have the skills and experience to succeed. We equip our employees with the latest knowledge and cutting-edge technologies in AI and data science through specialized training programs after hire, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills needed to excel in their roles. Whether you need temporary staff to cover a seasonal surge or permanent hires to fill critical positions, we can help you find the right talent to match your needs. With our staffing services, you can focus on your core business and leave the recruitment and staffing process to us.

predictive analytics

Data Analytics Team Development for a Bank

Requirement:  To build a team of 10 resources skilled on SQL & Python

Solution Delivered:

  • Hired, Trained, and Deployed the resources required by the Bank
  • Using contacts and social media received 500+ candidate’s job application
  • Initial pre-screening and interviewing to check the fitment as per JD
  • Hiring and onboarding the resources
  • Exhaustive training on required skills
  • Successful deployment of resources on the bank’s in-house projects
case study 5

PySpark Resource Augmentation for an Insurance Client

Requirement: To manage and optimize existing PySpark Code and develop new PySpark code as per business requirements

Solution Delivered: 

  • Deployed resources skilled on Python & PySpark Programming
  • Optimized the existing code which reduced processing time to one-third
  • Conducted training programs on Python & PySpark for in-house team development

R Shiny App Developer for an Analytic Client

Requirement: To develop a web UI using R Shiny

Solution Delivered:

  •  Deployed resource skilled with R, R-Shiny, and MYSQL Programming
  • Developed multiple UI as per requirement
  • Provided scalable solutions as per the client requirement
  • Conducted training on R for the in-house team

SAS Resouce for a Leading Vechicle Comapny

Requirement: To efficiently manage and optimize customer data in SAS EG

Solution Delivered:

  • Efficiently managed and completed all data related quires
  • Suggestions are given for improving the customer management
  • Given valid suggestions on the loyalty program

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