Regulatory Reporting
Automation for a Digital Bank


To automate 200+ Regulatory Reports having different periodicities like Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Annual

Solution Delivered

  • We delivered a scalable solution where the entire mapping of report templates, their periodicity, SQL queries, etc was managed in JSON files and the workflow orchestration was done in Airflow.

Solution Framework

  • Airflow was used to orchestrate the reporting workflow and scheduling purpose
  • Python was used for data ETL from the database, pushing the data in MS Excel worksheets, and storing the final report on the cloud
  • Automated Testing of reports was done using PyTest
  • SQL Stored Procedures were written in PostgreSQL to summarize data for report generation
  • The mapping between SQL Stored Procedures, report templates and its cell references, and custom data transformation was all managed in JSON
  • The reports were stored on a Cloud Server with a Month-wise folder structure and timestamp versioning for each report dump
  • GitLab was used for project code management and CI-CD integration

Tech Stack


Kubernetes Cluster

airflow icon








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